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About Us

कलश जन सेवा संस्था (KJSS) is a not-for-profit society, registered at Delhi since 30th  Novembre 2009 working with the aim to extend its support and co-operation for social issues prevailing in the society.

KJSS is a Certified Tax Exempted Organization that aims to accelerate development and social change through participative involvement of development experts, policy makers, social scientists, political executives, technology drivers and the common people.

KJSS is focused on using alternative means of sustainable development and socio-economic development of communities through livelihood projects, democratic and transparent governance, capacity building and entrepreneurship development. The focal idea behind the KJSS is to bridge the gap and provide access to the social and economic upliftment of the downtrodden.

KJSS being actively involved in different areas of the development sector. One of the major aims of KJSS  is to extend the support for food grains distribution at the non-margin rate.

KJSS equally understand the importance of access to information and quality of education for marginalized society. Thus, KJSS extend its support with the community on these social issues.

KJSS envisages catering the need of the local communities by bringing them on a global platform through various available technology and resources. Women are the major stakeholders in the development dynamics of any society and hence giving an equal footing to them will make the journey easier towards development.