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Address: 71-75 Shelton Street,Covent Garden, London, England

Call Us: 1800-886-3982



Address: 71-75 Shelton Street,Covent Garden, London, England

Call Us: 1800-886-3982


Address: 71-75 Shelton Street,Covent Garden, London, England

Call Us: 1800-886-3982


Kaalash: The Heritage & Resolve

A Culture Of Quality

From the mountains of Hindu Kush, a voice beckons. A culture of exotic wonder strives to emerge. Wearing an armor of pride, they bask in the glory of a rich history; a 2400 year old footprint.

Descending from the armies of Alexander the Great, they’ve expertly woven their beautiful history,forever etching their signature on the soles of extraordinary personas.  Meet the Kaalash…

Once a powerful tribe, these people are the native inhabitants of 3 beautiful valleys of the Chitral Region, namely, Rumbur, Brumbret and Birir, in Pakistan. Retaining their age old beliefs and distinct practices, they are the crown jewels of a heritage that is increasingly under threat. Once a thriving populace, now only 5000 remains. But they are resilient and they never compromise over two things; their identity and effort. They are symbols.

When we first came across the Kaalash, we were simply blown away by their beauty, exotic nature, a big heart & mastery over leather. Witnessing these finest types of leather being stitched around to make top quality footwear gave us our purpose, and thus, Kaalash was born.  We, as a brand believe, it is our responsibility to bring these special people in front of the world. To give back to these ancient experts by providing opportunities that showcases their handmade qualities.

We and the people of Kaalash have pledged to provide you with impeccable craftsmanship, deluxe stitching and the finest leather footwear, so that you may own every occasion. Know that with every pair bought, a portion of proceeds directly go in the welfare of these unique people. Know that every step you take with Kaalash, you just gave life to a stunning culture, with every stride, you lit a bulb in the dark.

And finally, when every fabric of your sole creates unforgettable memories with you, remember, one adventure awaits. When you finally choose to honor these great custodians, know that every Kaalasha is looking forward to host you.

Once you find them,

You’ll find you.

Our Mission

Our Idea is to strive for continuous improvement, taking timely & quality decisions, and developing an optimistic contribution towards the achievement of our aims so our mission & priority is effectively to follow customer needs and being able to win the hearts of our valued customers.

Always brings amazing and creative ideas to provide the best & high standard of shoes. Creative Ideas that change your life.


Kaalash – (PROCESS)

A Journey Of Leather – From The Hindu Kush To Your Sole

Step 1: The Leather

The tribe needs food, but they also need clothing and footwear, so they find a way. They carve leather manually.  They’ve been doing that for the past 2400 years. They are masters. They have various types of the finest leathers, an assortment of textures & colors. They are adept at tailoring shoes for different feet and sizes. There is something for everyone.


Kaalash ddnd About us
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Step 2: From Designs To Soles – Shoe Mold Testing

In conjunction with the Kaalash people, each & every shoe mold & pattern passes through the articulate eyes of our experts. They undergo various testing & simulations to ensure the comfort & durability of the design, ultimately keeping your feet in mind. Once satisfied with the design, many different molds along with various sizes are passed on to the shoe connoisseurs.

Step 3: Let The Dance Of Hands Begin

Handmade crafts require discipline. They breed dedication and patience and they require attention to detail. A handmade object has to pass the test of the heart. The highly skilled Kaalasha craftsmen utilize traditional tools and techniques to craft the perfect blend of comfort, custom, beauty in their handmade shoes. From each design to every sole, age-old techniques come into play.  The leather is shaped into an aspired design; each fabric is carefully sewn into the sole. Every aspect is carefully choreographed, every task is carefully scrutinized. All technology is avoided. This is handmade in its most organic form.

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Step 4: Placing Ourselves In Your Shoes

After the stitching is complete, the handcrafted pair goes into testing again. This is done for it to pass our stringent quality & comfort tests. We analyze the shoe from your perspective. It has to be magnificent otherwise, it will be shelved.

Step 5: Stepping Into Our Inventory

After careful completion of several shoe projects, a batch is formed. This contains various shoe collections along with a plethora of sizes. It is then picked up by our logistics team from the beautiful Kaalash Valleys and shipped to our inventory. When a shoe makes it to our inventory, it carries the dedication of a Kaalasha with it. When it’s sold, a Kaalasha’s welfare rises with it.

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Step 6: In Your Feet!

Hope it feels good? Come back for more! We are always busy in bringing you more leather products! Let’s walk together & succeed together.

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Handmade happiness for your soles.

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